Monday, February 5, 2007

Where is book selling going?

With the forthcoming closure of Book Soup in Orange County, we ponder the closure of other brick and mortar booksellers. Where is book selling going? For our fiction market, with new authors and a small, unknown house, what are the chances of getting a book on the shelf at B&N in Tustin? Small. Mighty small, me thinks. Does it matter? Even if we were a huge house and could muscle our way onto a shelf, would we get 80% returns in unsellable condition? Our better strategy seems to be maximizing our online selling ability and finding new niches into which we can cost-effectively insert our desktop book kiosks. Starbucks would have been a great outlet. Time for a brain storm. Please share if you have any special insight. Is there an opportunity for a new distribution model in here somewhere?

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