Friday, September 28, 2007

Where have we been?

The summer months swamped us for a while. Between staff vacations, printing two books, and securing distribution, we have neglected our website. Now, with our head above water, we'll try to regain our focus here and provide an overview of what has been going on.

Printing is complete for Angels Fall and Anatomy Lesson. The books are actually in the warehouse! We used Malloy Inc. ( as our printer. We drove our typesetter, cover designer, and Malloy rep crazy, but we are really happy with the result. Lots of lessons learned about not rushing and about getting each step exactly right before proceeding. At least we only had one round of changes in the proofs. You'll see the finished covers on the website soon.

Our third book, Borrowed Lives, was put on hold so we could finish the first two. Just too much to do at once. It is going to be released with our fourth book, In The Face (our contest winner).

We signed a distribution contract with IPG in early September. Although we looked at several options, the PMA distribution program with IPG seemed to be our best bet. Unfortunately, our release dates are now tied to those of IPG. In short, they need about eight months lead time. So, our first two books will be released in April, 2008. They're gonna sit in that warehouse for nearly nine months. Our second two books will be release later in 2008. There is still some possibility that we'll be able to add a third book to the second pair. In any case, we'll have another group of books for early 2009.

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