Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Writing Contest Status and Fallout

We've identified two candidate manuscripts as finalist in our contests. There are about a dozen that have not yet been reviewed. It would be really nice if we had a staff of twenty to read all the manuscripts, but we don't. We're getting through them as fast as possible. Should be complete in ten days and off to the judges for selection.

We've also been getting some negative email and web posts for no apparent reason (at least that we know of). Fifty rejections are bound to annoy a few authors. On the other hand, we are inching along, slower than we anticipated, but still moving forward. We hope to be able to post the covers for the first two books, maybe even a third, in a few weeks. Copy editing, cover development, and life in general seems to thwart our best efforts to hurry up.


Feidb said...

Only 50 rejections? Am I missing something here?

Iota Publishing said...

Beats me. We've sent about fifty contest entry notices that simply said that the manuscript was not a finalist in the contest. The remainder (about 60) are still in the running until we announce the finalists. There was a total of 110 submissions. Hope that clarifies things.

Feidb said...

I wasn't even thinking of the contest itself! I just assumed you meant one of the writer's has been rejected by agents 50 times and was upset that you rejected him too.